Starting the Year with a Successful Marketing Plan

Every start of the year is a new opportunity for a company to do better. Whatever sales and profits you got last year can be improved. Perhaps there’s something that can be changed to lower the advertising or operating cost without sacrificing product quality. Maybe…


SEM Trends that Work Beyond 2018

Every start of the year, you watch out for posts that say which SEO trends will still work and which ones have to be left behind. Every year, you follow what everyone else is already doing and wonder why you’re not getting more favourable results….

Three men planning a website Strategies

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Website

No matter how shrewd you are in your business dealings, your business may never reach its full potential if it doesn’t have a professional website. This is because more people are accessing the Internet every day. Businesses that have an online presence benefit from the…


How a Responsive Website Can Benefit Your Business

What does having a responsive website bring to a business? Marketing-wise, any digital advertising agency such as Blue Gorilla Digital will tell you that your ads will be displayed properly on all devices. This means your clients will not see any difference or distortion in the website’s appearance no…

iPhone showing Google search screen SEO

Google Freshness Update: Why Should You Care?

How often do you update your content? Just because you are following an SEO guidebook does not mean you are already doing well. If you are getting fewer leads, it could be because you have been hit by Google’s freshness update. Lean Oilfield, a B2B…


Understanding the Different Types of Content For SEO

Many people do not know that SEO is more than just blogging. It is not just about updating your posts frequently and uploading new ones. It is about everything else on your website. Think of it as a house. Is your door the only thing you care…


3 Types of SEO Companies: Which Is Your Best Bet?

SEO is an integral part of any business. But some businesses who have invested in SEO agencies and their websites have been destroyed. Still, many companies are enjoying the benefits of working with a reliable SEO firm. If you are looking for an SEO company in Chicago,…

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