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Boosting SEO through Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are some of the most vital aspects of your SEO campaign, yet they are also the ones that are most often neglected. Without Indicators, you will be unable to monitor the development of your strategy, verify that your goals…

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The Three Most Prominent Trends in the World of Business

The tech industry is a vast and ever-changing landscape. It brought the world smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, machines, household appliances, and so many other inventions that people today couldn’t live without. And technology is only continuing to make itself more necessary as time goes on….


Digital Marketing 101: How to Convert Online Traffic into Sales

Singapore is one of the biggest regional and global e-commerce hubs in Southeast Asia, which is unsurprising considering that more consumers are turning to online platforms as their preferred mode of shopping. This is because aside from the accessibility and convenience that e-commerce offers, it…

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SEO Essentials: Audience Targeting Techniques to Explore

Way before computers, life seems simple. You get to a store to buy what you need. Well, that’s assuming your neighborhood contains just about everything you desire (which is wishful thinking even in those days). But life is never simple, especially true in the time…

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Increasing Ecommerce Sales This 2021: Changes To Make

When the pandemic was at its height, a lot of companies shifted to eCommerce. It allowed them to stay competitive, despite the restrictions that the pandemic put on them. The results were awe-inspiring, as seen in the eCommerce report from the US Census. In the…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

On August 6, 1991, while working at the CERN lab in Geneva, Switzerland, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee published the first website. One wonders whether at the time he could have imagined the tech-marketing explosion this would lead to. With that in mind, let us explore five…

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Digital Marketing Trends That Can Help Increase Online Sales

In the past, small businesses relied mainly on traditional marketing methods, such as coupons and print ads. While these businesses can reach their target market, it’s only limited to people who physically receive or see the marketing materials. With the pandemic, traditional marketing is not…

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