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Online Jobs You Should Look into during the Pandemic

During the first few months of the pandemic, more than 3.2 million Americans filed for unemployment. Due to stay-at-home orders, many businesses had to move online. Several businesses that couldn’t adapt or shift to an online setup closed down, resulting in millions of Americans becoming unemployed….

Making Multi-channel Marketing Work for You: What You Need to Do

  Multi-channel marketing is a conventional way for brands to reach their audience through multiple simultaneous modes of messaging. In the past, it was often referred to as running marketing campaigns over the radio, television, and other outdoor platforms. It also refers to online marketing…

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How to Make Your Product Stand Out with Packaging

There are so many factors that affect the success of a product. One of the most important, yet easily overlooked, is its packaging. In fact, according to Medium, 72 percent of Americans say product packaging influences their purchasing decisions, even if they don’t have any…

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Building Customer Loyalty Online

There are two major schools of thought on customers. On the one hand, there is customer retention, those who believe that it is more important to keep your existing customers than to find new ones. The second is customer acquisition. For the proponents of the…

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Retail Resilience: Shifting From Physical to Online Selling

The lockdowns happening all over the world forced big companies to scale down their operations to meet the lower demand for their products. Even with their reduced capacity, these companies still experienced lower revenues. In comparison, small retailers were more affected by the situation. Many…

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Marketing Strategies That Can Kickstart Your Startup

Owning a startup is tough, but maintaining its reputation and expanding your reach is even more challenging — standing out from the fierce competition, adapting to a volatile economy, and keeping up with the marketplace’s demands. That’s why most startups don’t survive long, with over…


What Video Games Can Teach Businesses about Becoming Sticky

Businesses go to great lengths to win customers and earn a bigger share of the market compared to their competitors. Even the slightest edge can translate to a significant increase in leads and conversions. But entrepreneurs know that the lifetime value of a consumer is…

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5 Digital Aspects Every Business Must Solidify

The digital age forces businesses to make a lot of adjustments to continue surviving. Failure to do so will result in getting left behind by rivals who remain innovative, which is why all companies need to follow trends. However, the technological overhaul can prove costly…

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