How You Can Incorporate Animations into Your Mobile App

Social Media Mobile AppsWith over 90% of the world’s population using mobile devices to access the Internet, it is now imperative to invest in mobile apps. This is the best way to reach a significant number of potential customers. Various elements are included in the design of a mobile app.

Among the vital elements are animations. When a company like CreativeWorks adequately incorporates animations into your design, your app will attract attention and have a light cognitive load. Here are some ways to include animations in your app.

Launch Screens

Any mobile app that takes time to load automatically puts off clients. Using a loading animation for launching your screen is the ideal option for distracting users and making your load time seem shorter than it is. You can be creative and incorporate your brand colors into the animated launch screen you choose to boost your chances of selling.

Onboarding Screens

The first impression that your app makes on a client makes a significant difference between its success and failure. Onboarding screen animations help first-time users are acquainted with your app. This way, you will minimize the chances of abandonment by the visitors. Animated walkthroughs are the typical ones used for onboarding screens nowadays.

Activity and Progress Indicators

To maintain your clients’ interest when loading different app operations, animated activity and progress indicators are the perfect solutions. There are two categories of animated indicators used, including determinate and indeterminate ones. The indeterminate indicators are ideally used for activities that can load quickly, while determinate ones are used for operations that take three to five seconds.

Merely including a few animations in some areas of your app will be irritating and turn off clients. This might also significantly decrease the efficiency of your app. Using the animations in the given areas is guaranteed to boost your app’s efficiency and user experience.