August 2019

Tired female employee Strategies

How to Manage Procrastinators in the Office

  Every office has procrastinators who slowly erode the company’s quality. That’s if no one holds them accountable for their detrimental habit, and no one seeks to remedy the situation. Here are ways to handle the procrastinators in your office. Keep deadlines short Procrastination comes…

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Boston University Team 3D Prints an Acoustic Silencer

Boston University engineers have developed a material that can “mute” noise without reducing airflow. Known as an acoustic metamaterial, it combined math and 3D printing to keep sound out but not air and light. It’s, in essence, a giant mute button. How Silencing Sound Works…


The Science Behind Grocery Layouts

Almost every person takes for granted how a grocery store is built. For most people, a grocery store is just a place to replenish items they need for their homes. When someone needs milk, they go to the grocery store to buy some. When someone…

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How Not to Fall Victim to Identity Theft

Identity theft remains a threat and a huge one at that, with 16.7 million victims reported in 2017. This is why more people are consulting risk mitigation companies to know how to protect themselves against this crime. There are many kinds of identity theft or fraud, including…

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