Shopping Online

More and more consumers are deciding to avoid crowds, compare prices with ease and find sales by shopping online. While most Internet users shop online, consumers who don't log on to make purchases often cite security as the reason.2 It's a valid concern. In 2006 the Federal Trade Commission received reports of 204,881 cases of Internet fraud.3

Many of those victims received products that didn't live up to the promises they read online. Others handed over their hard-earned money and never got anything at all. The idiom "let the buyer beware" has never held truer than in the world of e-commerce.

Thankfully, you can outsmart the fraudsters and scammers by learning to protect yourself when shopping online. This portion of the CyberStreetSmart Web site will teach you:

  • How and why to comparison shop online
  • How to read privacy policies to take control of your personal information
  • How to avoid online auction fraud, one of the most common consumer complaints
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